WCCJ 2023

WCCJ is open to everyone. No registration is required to attend. 

Thursday (Artivist Workshops) and Friday (Activist Seminars) are open to the public, anyone can come and ask questions, while Saturday (Thematic Assemblies) and Sunday (Plenary Assembly) are reserved for delegate speeches and resolutions, although those who wish can follow the discussion in-person and online (the assemblies will be streamed, but the Congress brings together real people on site).

Each delegate has the sacrosanct right (and duty) to speak at the thematic Assemblies at which he or she chooses to be present (there are two at all times, but one can also switch between them). The same applies to the Plenary. For obvious reasons, there will be a time limit for speeches (3 minutes). The chair groups of each assembly will provide short introductions of 4/5 minutes each to provide the basic outlines of the discussion and express the variety in the approach to the issues crucial to climate justice today.

Food and lodging will be provided for all activists attending the WCCJ in Milan. European delegates who request it will have their travel expenses reimbursed on the last day of the congress. Since this is autonomous and self-organized, if you can make a donation to the congress it would help us pay for the travel costs of delegates from Africa and the Americas (paypal.me/alexfoti is probably the fastest way).


Se condividi le premesse anticapitaliste e ecotransfemministe del World Congress for Climate Justice, supportaci politicamente e finanziariamente. Scrivi ad Alex (alex.foti@gmail.com) o a Caterina (caterinaorsenigo89@gmail.com) per maggiori informazioni.

Aderire vuol dire entrare a far parte del network di WCCJ: aiutaci a divulgarlo tramite i social, partecipa al crowdfunding e diffondilo. Scrivici se puoi sostenere una delegazione o vuoi contribuire in altro modo alla realizzazione di WCCJ.


WCCJ will be held in Milan (Italy), these are the main locations:


WCCJ is in charge of hosting delegates. For everyone else, it is recommended to book accommodations in advance.

If you would like to provide a room or space to host delegates, you can fill out this form


Delegation secretariat: delegationsegretariat.wccj@gmail.com

If you are a journalist: caterinaorsenigo89@gmail.com

For everything else:

Alex Foti: alex.foti@gmail.com – Caterina Orsenigo: caterinaorsenigo89@gmail.com



Whether you are part of a group or alone, to take part in the Climate Social Camp you need to fill this form.

If you are a minor you can still participate, but you need to send us this other form filled by your parents!

Reach Turin

🚆 By train

You can reach Turin by train quite easily from different parts of Europe. The main stations in Turin are Torino Porta Susa and Torino Porta Nuova, which are both very central.

Cost: the cost depends on where you arrive but can be very high. Our advice, if you have the possibility, is to buy a 4-day Interrail Global Pass (more info here), which allows you to make the round trip (you can travel for a total of 4 days in a month) at an affordable price. The cost is €185.

🚌 By coach

The main bus station in Turin is the Corso Vittorio Emanuele bus station. The most useful companies for getting there by bus, in general, are Flixbus and Bla Bla Bus.

Cost: the cost can sometimes be lower than the train, but there is no option to buy a pass like the Interrail.

✈️ By plane

Travelling by plane, as we know, is a very impactful way of travelling in terms of greenhouse gas emissions. We encourage you, if possible, to use other methods of transport to reach Turin.

Logistical information: Turin airport is called Caselle Airport, and is about 20 minutes away from the city.


Where will you stay?

The Climate Social Camp will be held at the Parco Artiglieri di montagna in Turin. The camp will last from Wednesday 26 July to Friday 28 July, but if necessary you can also stay the day before and the day after. Meals will be prepared and served by us, so you don’t have to bring your own food.


What do you need to bring? 

  1. Tent

  2. Sleeping bag

  3. Mattress

  4. Water bottle

  5. Tableware (washable and reusable plates, cutlery and glasses)

  6. Electric torch

  7. Sun cream

  8. Anti-mosquito

The facilities will be located near the campsite and near the university, where the working tables of the International meeting will be held. Things to bring are more or less similar to those at the campsite, but you don’t need a tent. Again, don’t worry if you arrive a day before the start of the event or leave a day later. 

And finally, bring a lot of desire to discuss and dance! At the campsite there will be plenty of debates open to all, and in the evenings concerts with artists from all over the world!



To support the camp organization, donate to our crowdfunding efforts!

The program

Workshops, debates, a lot of activities, people and topics, don’t miss them!

Sede - Leila La Biblioteca degli Oggetti

Via Luigi Serra, 2 G/H, 40129 Bologna BO

Lunedì, Mercoledì, Giovedì, Venerdì

16:00 – 19:00

Martedì dalle ore 10:00 – 13:00

World Congress for Climate Justice

12-15 october 2023

World Congress for Climate Justice

12-15 october 2023