12-15 october 2023

World Congress for Climate Justice


WCCJ 2023

FFF Milano, XR Milano, Ultima Generazione, Ecologia Politica, Piano Terra, Macao, Scientist Rebellion Italia, ARI – Associazione Rurale Italiana, OffTopic, Institute of Radical Imagination, and all the social centers of Milano invite you to the World Congress for Climate Justice, to be held in the city on October 12-15, 2023. 

The initiative is endorsed by the Transnational Social Strike Platform, Bologna for Climate Justice, Torino Climate Social Camp, brotherly and sisterly Liège autonomists, plus a host of intellectuals and activists from Berlin, Rome, London, Stockholm, Osaka, Kampala, New York, and many other cities around the world

We ask movements in Europe, Africa, Asia and the Americas to send delegates to Milano to deliberate on how to constitute the radical faction of the climate movement and strategize iintersectionally to defeat fossil capitalism.

We express solidarity to all climate justice activists who brave repression as the climate crisis intensifies. Let’s act together to undermine fossil capital and make the rich pay for their criminal emissions!

The updated list of

movements backing the WCCJ

If you are a movement and share the anti-capitalist and ecotransfeminist premises of the Appeal, please join us! We do not currently have the funds to cover the expenses of other delegations, but we feel your presence is important. So please send an email to Alex  and Caterina with a description of your group.

Joining means becoming part of the WCCJ network: help us spread the word via social media, participate in crowdfunding and spread the word. Write to us if you want and you can support a delegation or otherwise contribute to WCCJ.

For climate revolution get ready!


To support the camp organization, donate to our crowdfunding efforts!

The program

Workshops, debates, a lot of activities, people and topics, don’t miss them!

World Congress for Climate Justice

12-15 october 2023

World Congress for Climate Justice

12-15 october 2023